Laundry Business from POS POV

I’m trying to use POS module in laundry.
Let’s use this kind of case:

  1. Customer come in and pay some down payment for their laundry
  2. The laundry will be process in 3 days.
  3. In the 3rd day, customer come again and pay the total amount.

My question is when I’m using POS, and i’m doing POS Closing Entry in the 1st day, what will happen for the invoice that still in pending/processing for almost 3 days?
And how to handle this kind of case in the pos? since when i’m creating pos invoice, it should be paid before able to continue.

Consider POS Awesome, on frappe cloud.

Has partial payments, credit sales, and can do advance payments too, which you can reconsider with unpaid/partially paid invoices later.

All on the POS Screen.

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in my case, in the end of the day, how this POS handle the closing entry?