Laybye or storeaways

hi i would like to know is it possible to do storeaways or laybyes
Basically what this is
a customer walks in and purchase goods but part pays
the goods dont leave the store but is rather in holding for that customer
The customer pays until the goods are fully paid for then only the invoice is allowed to be generated
storeways normally have a time frame and at such a time the store will either refund the amount paid less if there is a administration fee or full refund
if there is a refund the stock should be removed from holding

any ideas

It is not possible from POS as of now.

This can be done through Sales Invoice method. Invoice is created, part payment received. Balance amount is now part of Accounts Receivable. Goods have not be delivered hence no Delivery Note made. Till here there is no affect on Stock. Once full payment is received a Delivery Note is created which deducts the stock from Stock Master.

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ok that make sense let me check how to do it
thankz @Muzzy