LCV and total cost of product

Hi everyone, We are and exporting and distribution company.
we import tiles and sell them in our shops.
So we have freight (several)+import tax+vat and all from different sources.
My question is how do I register these costs from different parties, also they must be added to the total cost (value) of products.
And is there a way to view total landed cost of a product.
also little confusing the is a freight and forwarding that is in indirect costs, and there are two 5112 - Expenses Included In Asset Valuation 5118 - Expenses Included In Valuation.
final thing how to put these costs and services in the accounting.

Sry total novice here, I started this journey and so far do not regret it.

Any suggestions?

I would suggest going through the docs once:

The LCV itself should contain the total landed cost. If you’re creating the same on the Purchase Receipt itself, all charges mentioned under “Total and Valuation” or “Valuation” type will give you the landed cost.

If you check the Stock Ledger for the item, it will give you the final valuation of the item (purchase + additional expenses)

This video might help

so freight and forwarding is not included?
I mean indirect costs in charts of accounts generally.

tnx for the great video i have some questions.
1- in LCV it automatically fetches tax, freight forwarding etc… is there, I don’t want yo use these instead i want to use expenses included in valuation? can i create headings under expenses included in valuation for freight vat customs etc?
2- is there anyway to directly create/link invoices and these costs? if not do you think it’s a good suggestion?

any Ideas?