LDAP AD Problem


i have problem with LDAP AD integration, Can’t login by AD user (when trying to login stick with verifying)
.i’ve been using LDAP with nextcloud working fine for me with no problem.

All the required Package are installed (yum install python-devel openldap-devel, pip install python-ldap), bench update, Basically i’ve tried everything with no luck.

if anyone succeeded with AD integration, please let me know how.

Thanks in advance.

anyone can help please ?

Is there any exception while setting up LDAP Settings in frappe?

Dear Saurabh,

thank you for your reply, Unfortunately there’s no exception the connection was made successfully to the DC as showing in the below image - i’ve also tried different values for LDAP Search string with no luck.

here’s a test domain member try to login (it stick with verifying)


Hmm. Any trace on console while login ? Or any trance in frappe-bench/logs/web.error.log?

there’s nothing in the web.error.log related to LDAP, but i found something in frappe.log

Any update ?

can someone help please?