LDAP doesn't configure

Did any one setup LDAP in latest version? if did how is it? Please help.

Check the following link

this link for old version

Hi @masud

I am using curent version (v10) LDAP intergration and it works fine, as long as you configure it correctly.

Can I assist you in any way, cause each ldap is differently setup it wont be as easy as sharing my setup, but I can try to assist you in getting it to work.


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Here are my settings for the fields below the config:

LDAP Search String

LDAP First Name Field

LDAP Email Field

LDAP Username Field

You can also use an ad browser like ADExplorer or similar to test if all works well, cause thats what I struggled with initially - not know where its failing. I also created a python script for testing the settings files, I can share that if you want.



OH Thanks!!! its great!!!

works in MS AD - ERPNext Active Directory - #7 by rahim_ahmed

Could you give me latest version LDAP procedure plz ?

Here’s recent activity Search results for 'LDAP after:2019-06-01' - ERPNext Forum

I just submitted updated docs today,
Please see

That should be up as official docs soon.

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verifying for all user :frowning:

Make sure you have the latest version (.43)


now its showing this error image