LDAP login and employee database

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if possible to enable LDAP login and employee database from LDAP?
I found some GIT repo related to LDAP for ERPNext, but not sure if it’s official support and works well with ERPNext v7?

Would be great to have your advise.
Thanks a lot.

could someone have any advise on this?
thanks alot.

LDAP is now a part of standard ERPNext as of 7.1-beta

@saurabh6790 can you help?

thanks @rmehta for your involving.

so, it’s available in v7.1, how could i know which version i am running? and how could i upgrade it to 7.1-beta?

thanks again.


  • To check the version , toolbar > help > about

  • set erpnext and frappe to develop branch and pull latest updates via bench update

For the first release, we limit LDAP scope only to login. So user can login with their LDAP credentials

On login, if profile not exists on frappe it will create a new user and redirect a user to a desk. after new profile, a user doesn’t have any permissions. The System Manager or concern person need to add permissions manually.

Thanks @saurabh6790
I checked and saw my site is runing v7.1-beta

How could i manage LDAP setting?

In addition, could you please help to delete frappe_ldap app for my site? i have delete it by commands, but the LDAP menu still appears,
frappe@pink:~/frappe-bench$ bench remove-from-installed-apps frappe_ldap
frappe@pink:~/frappe-bench$ bench remove-app frappe_ldap

Thank you.

still need assist on these matters.
thanks a lot.

See this help: LDAP Login Not Working - #11 by Thiago_Pereira

@saurabh6790 If I use OpenLDAP with TLS for secure communication (LDAP protocol use cleartext password over the network), can not connect.

This is LDAP Log:

RESULT tag=97 err=13 text=confidentiality required

There is a plan to implement TLS?

Ps: Guys, an alternative to this is disable the mandatory encryption on LDAP Config file:
(Comment this line, but keep the certificate files, other apps can use TLS connection)

security ssf=128