LDAP login for ERPNext App

Hi everyone,

Is there anyone succeed to login ERPNext app on IOS or Android with LDAP account?
I tried, but no succeed, always receiving invalid login.

Not sure if the app is already supported LDAP login or still not?
Thanks a lot.

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I don’t think the app supports LDAP.

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@vjFaLk, no it doesn’t support LDAP.

Anyone knows when would be next release which support LDAP login? :slight_smile:

@bzero with 7.1 we have introduced LDAP login feature.

If you are facing this error with version 7.1, is it possible to you to share LDAP credentials with us?

@saurabh6790, do you mean the LDAP support login for IOS or Android Erpnext app?
i am facing issue with both of them.

The desktop version works just fine.

I know this thread is quite old but still a active problem.

@saurabh6790 do you have any updates on this? The LDAP Login is still not available at the Android App.

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