LDAP login in Mobile app

The frappe_ldap app developed by @saurabh6790 is not available in the mobile app. Is there a roadmap to include it in mobile app? Having ldap authentication in web, and not in mobile app will create issues.

@kirthi not on the priority as of now.

Talking from an organization’s point of view , it is a definite must and a requirement that when releasing something for the web based application, you should also release for the mobile app.

You cannot have over 100 users who do login with their LDAP and usual passwords and logins when in the office, but unable to do so via LDAP if they are on their phones or tablets.

I agree with Kirth on this point. It would be amazing if there was more consistency to this application, being that throughout web or mobile platforms…


I just implemented LDAP login for my startup. However, the users are unable to login via mobile app. Mobile app is necessary in the workflow (mainly for quicker submission of claims).

Could the app be updated to include LDAP login like the webpage?

Why not use the web application (browser based) also on the mobile? In that case it supports normal LDAP as on any PC, and as it is responsive you have a good mobile experience…

Thanks. Yes that could be done. However, it might still be worthwhile to include LDAP login in the Mobile app itself.