LDAP login with enter key


Is it possible to login with LDAP when pressing the enter key instead of clicking on the button “Login with LDAP” ?

I had the same question.

Hi @BigSteve

Did you find any solution ?

I found a solution by myself.

In v14 I had to go to System Settings > Security.
There is a checkbox called “Disable Username/Password Login”

Is this checkbox checked, the native login button will disappear and you are able to login with LDAP using the enter key.


I did not, thanks for following it up. Will this still allow a local admin to login (if the LDAP server is down). I’ll check it out.

Hello @BigSteve,

In the following post you can find the solution for logging in as the “built-in Administrator” while having Username/Password disabled: Enabled LDAP, Disabled Native Login, Now Unable to login to built-in Administrator!