Lead and Customer inside Quotation


I have converted a lead into a customer.

I found out that at Quotation, you are still able to submit a Quotation by using the converted lead (as in using him/her as Lead).

Is this by design or a bug?

To me, once a lead converts to a customer, he will no longer be your lead but a customer. As such, you should not be allowed to create a quotation from the converted lead. A converted lead should not appear in the options of Lead.

Kndly advice.






It all has to do with your quotation process. What I mean is that what does your staff check first, customer or lead?

To alleviate the issue with your example, your staff should look at customer list first, then look at lead list.

If you follow above, it would not matter if the converted lead shows up or not in the quotation.


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Its by design, please suggest good way to do it.
Lead can be a existing customer, if we are saying recurring item monthly, then we can have lead in each month for same customer. Also there is some reports like customer not being since long time, that will also be a lead.
Create github issue for it with best practice.

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Thats no longer a lead, it is then called an opportunity.

Still no longer a lead…but a dormant customer

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I think it’s by design

Obviously generally it’s a good idea to create a customer and use this instead of the lead when making a quotation. But sometimes it’s good to have the flexibility to use a lead for a quick quote . I think it’s best if a ERP CRM shouldn’t tie you down unnecessarily.

As @olamide_shodunke mentioned, if it is an existing customer, it should be an opportunity.

Leads are businesses/individual who potentially be your customer.

Once they are converted to customer, all potential sales are opportunities.

Maybe I will input this on a thread to make the CRM better.