Lead form customization


is it possible make lead form changes for adding contact list like are in customer form.

maybe someone can make some references, what have to be done, to achieve what functionality.

you can create customer group as Potential and use customer form to save lead.

I wanted to customize the Lead form. I wanted to hide some fields and change data in some list types. When I go to set up and customize forms it allows me to make the changes and when I am done I see the changes in the form fields in the customization page. After clicking on update, when I visit the CRM module and attempt to create a new lead, I dont see my changes. I am not able to figure out what I am missing. Can someone help?

@nishikantpanda, try reloading and clearing cache once you updated the customize form
you can clear cache by bench clear-cache


@makarand_b Thanks. Yeah I discovered it accidentally when my session timed out due to inactivity. After logging in it was working. Thanks for the quick response.