Lead Generation - Companies


I’ve been creating leads for individuals within bigger organizations. How to create a company as a lead and then add contacts within that larger company? I don’t want to create individual contacts for every person with the Company of the lead.

Is this possible? So I’d like it to look like this:

Lead - Big Company
Contacts - CEO, COO, CFO, CSO, etc

It would mean that the company itself is the lead, not necessarily the individual contacts.

As it is not, I have to convert the Lead in order to create the larger company.

Thanks for any help!



Welcome to forum!

As per the design, Lead is for a contact. From one big company, you can have multiple Leads and Opportunities. We will suggest to you add each Contact as a Lead in ERPNext. This will allow you to maintain communication with each Contact separately.

As a work-around, you can add your Lead itself as a Company, and add multiple contacts in it. In the Opportunity, you can select Customer and relevant contact. You can do email communication and followup from Opportunity as well. Creating Customer won’t have direct impact on your Customer. For checking actual no. of Customers, you can create custom report on Sales Invoice.