Lead Import automatically creates incorrect Customer entry

Hi. I have a list of businesses which I’m importing as Leads. I was surprised to discover that the system (Version 13) automatically created a Customer record for each business I imported. Is there a way to turn OFF this automatic Customer creation?

Some details:
I successfully import the record as a Lead (all good there) but the automatically created Customer record ends up with incorrect names. For example, I upload a business named “North Pointe Construction” and it also creates a Customer with first name “North” and last name “Pointe Construction” – that’s undesirable and unwanted, so I end up having to delete those Customer records.

Is there a way to turn off this auto-creation of Customers?
Is there an easy way to delete these newly created Customers? (I have about 500.)
Fairly new here, so is there another way I should be doing this?

I was hoping to get a suggestion here… : (

I was incorrect regarding the data import being OK. Even using the template, and providing data for the fields, the addresses aren’t imported and added to the contact address section. (This is a separate bug I assume, so I’ll report that later). Other data is correct though.