Lead import with address

I am trying to import leads from an excel. In excel I have Mobile number, address1 column, City, State, Country etc.
The import is successful, but I am not able to see City, State columns.
Also while creating quote I could not see the address.
Please help, look very strange for me.

Are you sure your import succeeded?
For Leads (assuming you are on v12 or after and have no custom fields added) - there is a link table for address. Which essentially means that you would have to import ‘Address’ separately (as another doctype) and then link with Lead Document.
Have you already done that?

Maybe some screenshots would be really helpful.

Thank you for your reply.
I am using v13 from Frappe cloud.
The structure shows Address line1, Mobile, emailid, City, State, Country etc.
All these columns are inserted in lead and able to see via report.
But when I create a quote it does not show any.
So does it mean that it is not inserting rows in address table ?
Is there a way to insert address in address table in the first import itself ?
Waiting for your valuable reply.
Thanks and regards,

From your screenshot it seems this is custom field added on Lead.
In which case, have corresponding changes (customization) been done on Quotation doctype?

By default, in ERPNext, the address is a separate table (doctype) which is linked to Customer/Lead etc. When you create a Quotation, as soon as you add Lead/Customer, corresponding Address data is pulled from its own table. It seems that in your case Lead doctype has been modified (so nothing is going into Address Doctype/table) and hence quotation is unable to fetch the address.

Good way to check this would be go to your Customer List and select any customer (probably which you are trying to create quotation for) and see if this is how you see their address there?:

If not, there is a high probability that your Lead is customized (which I can see from your data import screenshot) and Quotation too is either customized (maybe not properly) or not customized at all.

Again, all this is just my guess.

Thanks for your inputs, I have added only one column in lead date, it should not affect address I believe. It store the details of address in lead table not inserting into address table. Wondering whether any option available to uploading lead data