Lead is not saving?

Hi community,

I have facing one issue while saving Lead document,
it is save without next contact date but whenever i entered next contact date it is not saved.

how i can resolve this?

Hello, could you please provide screenshot of the issue faced? Also, make sure the next contact date is not a past date as this would not let you save the document.

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@swapnil_shingade what version are you using on erpnext ?

I experienced similar issues with Lead and Event doctypes but with the latest updates the bug disappeared.

@michelle There is no error showing while saving leads

@Iulian_Olaru ERPNext: v12.x.x-develop () (develop)

How are we supposed to help you without being specific? Screenshots of the steps you have taken of the states of your pages would definitely help.
Updating your repo will be another help to see if it is already solved.
A quick tip is to clear the cache of both your browser and ErpNext. That is done by the Reload function on the menu to the left of your user avatar on top right handside of your page.