Lead next contact by shows error

I cannot save lead after input of ‘next contact by’ …
it takes users from ‘sales partner’ ???
But when i looked its doctype, it pull value from ‘User’…

why this? How it is coded to take user list fro sales partner?

My version of Frappe Framework is V7.0.30!

Anybody help me plzzz…

It takes the User not the Sales Partner. What error are you getting?

Yes, I see…

But user list is from sales partner!!!

I need to change it back to get user list from ‘USER’ … how can i do that?
When i searched custom doctype for ‘Lead’, it’s ‘Next Contact By’ field uses link to ‘User’.

I wonder from where does it takes sales partners.!!

Error is like : Could not find Next contact By: auser name

You might have it set somewhere. Check Customize Form and see if you did any changes there.


No never i changed these part…
i am sharing the lead screen shot…


My lead doctype…

Your labels also does not match. It is “Salesman/Next Contact By” in Lead and “Next Contact By” in doctype.

Try bench migrate.

I too noticed it…
why this mismatch happens?

anyway let me try…
Thank you…

I think you have taken screenshot from Lead doctype. Instead, check it via Setup → Customize Form → Lead. I think you have changed the value of Label and Options for the field “next contact by” from Customize Form.

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I was customising doctype through Developer > Doctype > Lead…
But i could see the ‘User’ in the link field of ‘Next Contact By’

But as you said, when i went via Setup → Customize Form → Lead, I see ‘Sales Partner’ in the ‘Next contact by’ Field… Now I changed back to ‘User’ (I dont know how it changed to Sales Partner)

Thanks @nabinhait

And I would like to know what is the difference between these two ways of customising doctype?
And why the ‘Next contact by’ field shows the different data in these two ways of customizing doctype?


Customizing doctype directly is making changes to the core doctype and from Customize Form, it is a change you make over the doctype without actually changing the doctype. So when you update, your changes don’t go away like it will when you change core doctype.


Thank you @KanchanChauhan