Lead / opportunity from e-mail

Hey guys,
Is it possible to have an automatic conversion done for each e-mail received transformed into a lead or opportunity ?

This would be an amazing feature to have. I am also willing to invest in such a module if it doesn’t exist.

With respect and appreciation,

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Hi! in the email account, if Enable Incoming is checked, an opportunity (or initiative depends on which one you choose) will automatically be generated when an email enters this inbox.



Thank you for the information. That helps a lot :slight_smile:

However, it seems that all Leads coming in have a title as Lead-100 for example. I see in the demo that it can be the name of the e-mail account… how do we make that happen ? :slight_smile:

I looked through the settings but couldn’t get it.

Definitely erpnext is growing significantly and beautifully.

With respect and appreciation,

Hi Julian! When placing a form for example, one can place which fields should be filled in and which should not, however, in this way there is not much to choose from.

You see it that way, because when you enter the initiative, the “name of the person” field is incomplete. When you enter and complete this field, change to the name of the person and not the number of the Lead.

In some future I imagine a possible configuration where we can choose at least that the subject of the email is completed in one field, and the body in another.

I hope I helped you.

Hey Federico,
I understand now, so basically we’re looking at the form which you can generate in erpnext and have it put in your website.

In my case there are many customers just purely sending an email …

Indeed, it would be amazing if we could have at least the subject of the e-mail there… that would provide at least the help to distinguish between an actual lead and spam.

Thank you for everything :slight_smile: