Leaderboard is empty: No Item Found

I’m new to ERPNext 10, been Stable on v9 for a while.

Problem is the leaderboard isnt presenting any data on all sections. Always, “No Item Found.”
I have no errors in my console. Is there perhaps some configuration I’m missing?

Same issue for me in erpnext v10.1.20 and frappe v10.1.19.

I have 2 society configured and no data for both.

I have sales invoices paid and only “service” items.

How this leaderboard is populated ?

I am also experiencing this issue with erpnext v11.1.73 and frappe v11.1.65.

Only the POST request Form-Data:

doctype: Customer
timespan: Year
company: My Company
field: outstanding_amount
cmd: erpnext.utilities.page.leaderboard.leaderboard.get_leaderboard

Has a response. All others return an empty array.