Leading zeros with number in CSV file (for data import)

Hi experts,

I have an item code “0009” in my item list.I have added its price manually which is OK.
Now I downloaded item_price with data import tool. In this CSV file system gives item code 9 against above code.

When I change its price in CSV and try to import files , system says item not found.
When I try to change item code from 9 to 0009 in CSV (after changing cell format to text), system does not save it.

Screen shots are attached. I need help in this regard.


CSV file to import

Item code List

Data import tool error


In the spreadsheet file, change cell/data format from Number to Text. Then you should be able to enter Item Code as 0001.



Thanks for your time.
As I have mentioned in my above post, I tried to change format of cell from general to text and save file after changing code from 9 to 0009 but when I reopen file its again 9.

(CSV does not saves format change, while xls is allowing to do this)


Perhaps it’s not ideal to have Item Code starting with zero. Maybe you should add a prefix like I-0009.