Leads / Customer address not shown


When I add an address to a lead or customer the address is not shown.
I have exported the lead’s data to an external file and I can see that there is an address
Frappe 13.13
Erpnext 13.13

If you are referring to the section of Address and Contacts, it happened to me If I did not assign a Address Title in the address creation. Also some screenshots would help. Please provide more info.

You are correct the address didn’t have a title. Adding a title solved the problem.
I think the title should be a mandatory field
Thank you

However this works only when I enter the address by choosing new address. When importing data it didn’t work.
Any idea on how to update old data?

If you are importing a Lead, customer or Contact with an Address, you need to make sure you add/create/import the Address First. When importing thousands of Customers I import Address, then Contact and finally Customer. Once the Address is created you have the Name (Primary Key) that can be Linked to the address field in Leads and Contacts. If you have done that and It doesnt work it may be a bug. Ive seen it before. The workaround was to add a new section to the doctype and a new field Linked to the Address and Cobtact, only problem is you dont get the HTML page output.

Thank you. I imported the address as you have suggested.