Leads disappeared but appearing in search

Hi guys,
Something strange has just happened in our v13 Lead List. Without any user interaction, the Leads simply disappeared, all of them.

However, you can still find them linked in Contacts and through the global search. When clicking on the Lead in the search results, the error page appears “Sorry! I could not find what you were looking for.”

Any idea what could cause this?

I checked the Activity log, there was no user activity in there.

The error logs also don’t show anything.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.


I’ve also just experienced this problem.

There’s no trace of the leads in deleted documents, no user activity, they have simply vanished!

I can see the link to them in linked contacts, however this is a dead link.

Would very much appreciate some experts weighing in on this, this is crazy behaviour.


Giving this a bump.

Has anyone else experienced this or found a root cause? I went through all of my logs and couldn’t find anything.

This has just occurred again! All leads vanished without a trace!

Can anyone help?

We have completely stopped using the CRM because of this issue. So unreliable and such a poor customer service.