Learn VueJS, TailwindCSS and FrappeUI! | #BuildWithHussain

At Frappe, we are building a lot of new products: Frappe Insights, Learning , Builder, and more! They all have one thing in common: the tech stack. Frappe Framework already allows you to build full-stack web applications with low-code and in record time. It is now time to build sleek and modern front-ends with tailored User Interfaces and Experiences. This is where FrappeUI, a set of pre-built UI components and libraries, comes in. FrappeUI is built on top of VueJS.

I am going to conduct a live 4-day training on these topics starting from scratch:

(btw 16 out of 25 seats left)

In this training program, I will teach you the foundations you need to build front-end apps with VueJS and FrappeUI. Whether you want to build your own products or want to contribute to Frappe products like Frappe CRM, this training is for you!

I will let you in on a secret…

Frappe Framework’s frontend is being re-written using VueJS and FrappeUI :shushing_face:. In my opinion, this is the best time to learn this stack!

Enroll here: Frappe Learning (built on FrappeUI as well :laughing:)



Hi @buildwithhussain ,

I’m really enthusiastic about learning from your program but can’t afford it right now. Could I please enroll for free?

Thank you for considering my request!

Prasant Pant

Some of the new VueJS apps, like CRM, don’t work well on a mobile device like traditional Frappe apps (such as ERPNext) do. I sure hope after the Frappe Framework is re-written, they’ve figured out a way to make the new UI more responsive, or you’ll have a lot of unhappy ERPNext users who won’t be able to work using their phones anymore.

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Drop me an email at hussain@frappe.io, happy to help!

Have you tried Frappe HR mobile (PWA) or Gameplan? :smile: The desk will be getting that level of mobile responsiveness.

Even Frappe CRM and other new products which are not yet mobile responsive will get it in the near future (come visit us at Frappeverse this year)!

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I’ve forwarded an email to you. @buildwithhussain

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Hopefully that will be the case.

I was a bit surprised to see the CRM released without mobile support. It would seem outside salespeople travel often, and would need frequent access to their CRM system from a smartphone.



FYI: This is where I found it (it’s still WIP): GitHub - ruchamahabal/frappe at client-rewrite

The timing is bit hard for me to attend. will there be recording to watch it later ?

Yes, the sessions will be recorded and shared.

Perfect ! will join

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