Learning ERPNext / Frappe Technology to Develop and Customize [Resources]

During this downtime, I am hoping to try and customize ERPNext so we can start using it within our organization.

I was hoping to ask the community if they had any experience with any online courses that taught a similar JavaScript/Python development environment.

I am not a complete novice to database with experience in Visual Basic / C++ programming and am familiar with javascript in web development html/css. Although I am new to web based database development. So the server side / client side is a bit different for me. Hoping to learn more about this development environment.

Of course there is good videos to be found here:

the series starting here:

Was very helpful, but unfortunately a lot of the way things work have changed with later versions of frappe/erpnext.

The tutorial here:
Was very helpful as well.

The user manual is great for familiarizing yourself with ERPNext.

I am watching a free course on python (willing to pay for resources as well) but that is strictly python and bouncing back and forth between python and javascript is a bit confusing for me. One of the first things I hope to do is call an API to upload some information from data within frappe/doctype. I am not sure if that’s done in python or javascript within this environment. I’d guess pythonm but I can’t even get my “hello world” program to work since I think the directory structure has changed in the latest version of frappe/erpnext. My local install doesn’t match the tutorial on frappe dev.

Read the FAQ about the partner program:

It would be awesome if you could pay to be a partner and unlock some online development type training. Could be some income for the software to create online dev resources that can be unlocked with a paid membership.

Hoping this thread can be a list for learning resources for people looking to customize this awesome software! Thanks for any input! If anyone found anything helpful, please share!

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There are also some useful ebooks published by solufy.in.

They have posted about the resources in this forum. Search for the posts.


After a lead generation form you can download the books for free, I will check them out.