Leave Allocation - Leave Application

Dears : i have a scenario

a new employee joined date for example 1-1-2016

we need to make an auto mechanism to do that .

1- if the employee joined from less or equal to 6 month
so he can take an ordinary leave = 3 days
2- if the employee joined from one year
so he can take an ordinary leave = 15 per year
3- if the employee joined from more than one year
so he can take an ordinary leave = 18 per year

i need that to work automatically

thanks a lot for your help .


You can use Leave Allocation/Leave Control Panel Tool to allocate leave.

Leave Control Panel is automation of Leave Allocation.

If need more automation, you need to write your script and call from hooks scheduler event.

You can also follow implementation strategy

Sambhaji Kolate,


thanks a lot dear i will try and tell u what i get

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what if we want to restrict leave applications to two per month in order to limit the number of leaves taken monthly

You need to allocate two leave per month using Leave Allocation Tool

could guess thats the only way possible …thanks anyways


Set up NEW ERP.

Employee will get 18 leave par year
Monthly 1.5

How to allocate leave ?

  1. add every month leave allocation and add Previous unused balance .
  2. is there any way that we can use leave period to get and add leave every month automatically?


In this case, you will have to setup “Earned Leaves” and allocate the same to the employee. To know how to configure the same, check this link.

Hope this helps.

Hi Michelle
Thank you very much for your response , I have tried same process, but employee didn’t get any leaves balance , I have attached pic, please check them out and help me out