Leave allocation table is not showing in leave application


I am kavya, we are using this software from last 3 months,

One of our Employee is not able to apply to leave in ERPNExt, while applying leave her allocated leave table is not showing and some error is coming after saving that Application period cannot be outside leave allocation period.

kindly solve this issue.


Please check the date of the Leave Application. Next, go to leave allocation list and check if the employee has leaves allocated for the date selected in the Leave application. If yes and the issue persists, please post screenshots of the same so that we get some idea about the issue.

Hope this helps.

@michelle thanks for the response

The employee has leave allocation in the year 2020-21, we gave leave allocation while creating the employee id. see the below screenshot

And see the error while applying for the leave. allocated leaves also not showing in this


Could you also share a screenshot of the leave allocations? Seems like the leave type is “Earned Leave” and a future date is entered here.

Hi @michelle

Thanks a lot,

In the leave allocation list, it was not added. now it is working.

But we were added while creating the employee id, is it compulsory to add the separate entry in leave allocation list also?

After adding the policy in the employee master, you also need to allocate them. This can be done via “Grant Leaves” button in the payroll period which creates leave allocations automatically.

The other way is to manually create leave allocation, the way you just did it.

Hope this helps.

Thank you

I am in v13 and I cannot find grant button anywhere further as per documentation .and In Leave Policy Assignment also .that is not visible for me.