Leave Allocation Tool and Attendance Tool not creating new records

I am working on ERPNext version 7.1.16 I tried to make Leave allocation for all employees from the screen of Leave Allocation tool it doesn’t give me anything and I found nothing created.
Also same for Attendance Tool.

Please Assist.

I think there is missing commit

Could not replicate the issue in my local instance and demo.erpnext.com.

Hi Nabin, try uploading a big number of employees ( in my case I made upload to 1600 Employees)
Then try to use the leave allocation tool, it will not give any response and you will find nothing created.

For small number of employees it works.

Ok, then I think it gets timed out. Either you need to increase timeout settings in nginx. Or you can try to use background job to create those records like we do in Stock Reconciliation.