Leave Application days calculation wrong

One of our leave application I have found total days calculation is wrong.
Leave take from 11-01-2017 to 29-01-2017 ERP showing 16 days instead of 19 days.

See your HR settings if weekly holidays are considered as part of leave or not

Kindly advise what to do.Should it check the options include holidays in total no. of working days.

Thank You…

Check what “Holiday List” is applied to that employee in their “Employee” record. Then look at that Holiday List and see what days are listed as holidays.

My guess is that you have a “weekly off” day set maybe as Sunday. Any dates you have in an employees Holiday List will not be counted as leave days in a Leave application.

As per our regulation if any holiday/sunday comes under leave period it will be treated as leave.
so please suggest what we need to change for that. if we check the options include holidays in total no. of working days. will it solve our problems?

That sounds to me like you have no holidays. Is that true? If that’s the case, and your company has no holidays then don’t make a holiday list and your calculations should work.

This option will not solve the problem you are seeing because your problem is related to the holiday list and day calculation, not payroll.

I have Checked the check box Include holidays within leaves as leaves in Leave type.