Leave application Problem

Hello All,
I have the follwing problem:

Holiday list: Start date: 01-01-2017
End Date: 31-12-2017

First question: The Holliday List can be shared with all Employees?

If yes, i don´t know what is the source of the issue to appear this message error.

Thank you.

@jmendonca it could be that the leave duration is more than the allocated duration for the employee. Confirm the following:

  1. The employee is allowed to go on leave for the period specified.
  2. The employee has not exhausted the allocated number of leave days.

One of these two could be the issue.

Hello @flexy2ky
I am using the same holiday list for all employees, and two of them were able to create a leave application, but the last guy coudln´t and this guy is the first time he was creating a leave application.

i didn´t understand what did you mean with this.

@jmendonca a manager can specify the number of leave days an employee can have. So if for instance you are only allowed to go on leave for 20 days and you have already gone for 17 days so far, if you apply for another 4 days, the system will reject your application just like you have epxerienced

@flexy2ky, I understand that but this employee never created a leave application.
Where the manager specify the number of leave days?

Go to Human Resources > Leave Allocation. You should find the leave allocation settings to determine if the employee has been allocated a pre-determined leave days

Thank you.
It is solved.