Leave application workflow problem

Hello Everyone,

Im new to erpnext so take it easy on me, I created leave application workflow and it works just fine, the problem is that anyone with leave approver role gets the approve/cancel email notification and can approve or cancel the application even if they arent the approvers for the employee, which is not how it meant to work, i have tried to find similar thread or ticket but none was able to solve my issue.
I want the email notification and approval to be sent to the direct leave approval of the employee, not everyone at the company. any help would be appreciated.

Dear WrongEnd welcome to community,

Did you separate your Employees to Departments? and also filled Leave Approves field in departments? you don’t need to create new work flow it suppose to work normally.

Hi Emre, thanks for coming back, so firstly you say leave applications already have built-in workflow ? where can i find that so i can customize it ?
secondly, yes all employees are separated to departments but departments doesn’t have one leave approver, every bunch of employees have separate leave approvers. and yes the leave approvers are defined for each of the employees.