Leave approver doesn’t receive notification email and even if approver gets a mail it's quite late

I had made a workflow for frappe hrms user leave management
the workflow is it should send email to handover 1 if he/she accepts then only will farword to handover 2 if he/she aslo accepts then it will forward email to leave approver! … right now the email is directly goinh to leave approver.

Hi @Dark_Devil,

You need to set up multiple notifications based on different workflow states. First, create custom fields like “handover 1” and “handover 2”. Then, set up notifications based on these fields. After approving “handover 1”, trigger an email to “handover 2”. Apply logic and configure the scenario as needed.

Alternatively, you can configure this scenario using server-side logic.

Thank You!

Thanks @NCP for help. I sent you linkdin connection request please accept