Leave approver doesn't receive notification about leave request

Hi guys,
I am facing a problem about Leave Management module. My leave approver doesn’t receipt any notifications about leave application but he can see that in Leave Application section. The leave application of that shows as Draft. Is there any configuration I have missed ? I have already set Leave Approver for not only Department but also Leave Approver which is in Employee’s data. None of those works !

Could you check if “Follow via Email” is checked in Leave Application?

Yes, It does check and the approver still receive email which notifies about the leave request. It just doesn’t show up on the notifications


Are you talking about system notification like under the bell icon? Then in that case, you will have to set up a Notification specifically for it.

Currently only an email is sent to the Leave Approver.

Yes, that’s what I am doing. Can you give me some tips that which part should I look for in the Notification section because I’m not a tech guys. Thanks a lot !!!

Try the below setup:

  1. Go to Notification List. Create new.

  1. Set “Leave Approver” as recipient.

Note: In this case, you can uncheck “Follow via Email” in Leave Application.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help,
I have done what you instruct me but it doesn’t work. One more, I don’t have " Send System Notification " on my panel. I’m using Erpnext v12, does it affect anything ?
Thanks a lot !


System notification via notification was introduced in v13. I think in v12 only has email/slack notification. Why don’t you upgrade to v13?


That solved my problem