Leave approver see all applications or none

I have trouble with role permissions regarding to leave management. I had to let all applications to be seen by the leave approvers due to serious permission issues.

Leave approvers do not able to access leave requests sent to them if “if owner” is chosen. “If Employee is permitted” in the rules present, there is no way to submit the document. ( The issue persists even Admin shared the document with read/write permission with the leave approver “no permission to send”).

Any suggestions to solve such problem ?

So far, did applied patches , restores all role permissions, tried all posibilities.

have you checked out this link. Frappe Cloud
must help.

When my IT manages to get an external ip. I would like to show you the issue. Literally, I tried every possible steps :slight_smile:

@ferohers Leave Application permission design is a mess. I would love to make it simple like Expense Claim.

@mayur_hotmail (?) will be very angry :smile:


We use Leave Application module for our 60+ employees and it works perfect. In our setup, Leave approver is only able to see the leaves for which they are listed as leave approver and of course their own leave applications. You may have some permission setup issues at your end. We can help if you can share your setup with us.

I disagree that the leave application permission design is a mess. It uses the same permission (role and users) as other doctype. I don’t understand why you say that it is in a mess. Also our system is quite simple. For each employee we have a leave approver which is their directly reporting manager. Nothing complex.

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need help same happening