Leave approvers see all leave applications or none

We have 5 leave approvers. I want leave approvers only see their own related leave applications. When I choose only the owner can see the leaves.

No leave approver able to see or able to access (from messaging links too) and approve the leaves.

If no owner is chosen,

Leave approvers can see all applications.

Hey check the help manual page at Frappe Cloud

It has a similar scenario explained.

(This effort is reduced for Leave Approvers mentioned in Employee Documents, by programmatically creating User Permission records.)

I read this. Has anybody done this already?

Where does “Only if creator” help?

Same thing applies for:
“Hence, User Permissions record should be created for each User Employee combination.”

Is this automated as well? If not, I am sure it is possible to get this done.

Is there a solution for this?