Leave based on business days

Hi everyone,

in our company employees get 30 calendar days leave every 12 months (earned leave)
want to change that to 22 working days leave for every 12 months

can anyone advise on this?


If your non-working days are Saturday and Sunday, include all Saturdays and Sundays in your Holiday List. This way, leave days will be calculated based on Monday to Friday.


Thanks Kevin,
what you have mentioned is correct and matching the link but it is not the case for me
our non-working days are Saturdays and Sundays and i have created a leave including those days and still counted them.

Go to the Leave Type Doctype. Select the Leave you are applying to edit the settings.

Make sure “Include Holidays within leaves as leaves” checkbox is not selected.

That way, Saturday and Sunday will not be included in the calculation.

You can take a look at my leave application using your dates.

It would also help if you share a screenshot of your holiday list.

thanks Kiven,
that was really helpful