Leave days and leave allocations

Dear All,

1- We have migrated from netsuite, everything works fine except the leave days, now we have entered a new year we lost all the un-taken leave days from the past year, is there anyway to fix this issue ? I tried everything but nothing works, maybe im missing something silly and someone could point me where to start from. for this upon the new year i applied new leave period to the employees and yes i marked carry unused leave days from previous year.

and when trying to create a leave application

2- Then there is the leave dashboard, it shows wrong numbers “+1000 days” and for some “4000 days” which could make confusing to the employees, is there anyway to fix this ? if not, then how can i remove the leave dashboard from leave applications form.

3- Employee leave balance is totally messed up and i dont know how to fix that.

Terrible that you have challenges with this. Here are my thoughts:

I don’t think you can do that at this stage. But you should update the leave balances for the current year and ensure that you have configured the leave type to roll over. There is another setting that says how many days can be rolled over and you should set it at a high enough number.

I know that’s very disorienting. It displays the total leaves for all the employees the uses has access to Employee IDs - Like you are the system administrator and have access to all the Employee IDs, so you see the cumulative leaves of all the employees you have access to. I am not defending this. I am just explaining it. Your users may not have a problem with this, because they will only see their leave numbers. You can try this by logging in as a user and get reassured that it’s not as big of a problem as you think it is.

Maybe you have let negative balances in leaves. Maybe it is also rolled over.

How to fix this?

Your best bet is to start new Leave Types and re-do this all over again.

Hope this helps.



thanks Jay, i will try to edit leave days on the database instead of starting all over again. now i understand where these numbers came from.

Cool! Good luck with that!