Leave Earned setup


I need to give each employee 1.75 day leave per month
in fact 21 days / 12

how to setup this, as I do not know the purpose of round, and I create it monthly or yearly


Hello, Can you please mention where this form can be found?
Please mention the doctype name.

Name of form is “Leave Type”

Which version you are currently using right now? I’m not able to see the UI of that type which is shown in Screenshot.
Can you please share the whole screenshot of what you’re filling in the form.
Also, have you customised it?

The last version, I just created the account from a few days
no did not customize


Please find the below link for understanding regarding Leave Management.

Leave Management

This will be enough for getting started! Hope this helps.


Right now this is not available in our system but will soon add that in upcoming development.


Appreciate your reply,
If i set rounding 0.5 that means earning 1.5 day per month ?
and rounding 1 means 2 days per month ?

Hi @Reema_Mehta ,

Is this feature already included on the latest version V14?