Leave opening balance & monthly earned leave

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It should have carried forward last year allocated leave (of 15 days) and totalled to 33 leaves for this year.

Appreciate if you can help me out where am I going wrong. I even tried creating a leave period for last year and attached leave allocation via that leave period.

P.S - I do not get/see Grant Button to allocate leaves to all based on leave period and leave policy. So I have to manually allocate all leave types for that leave policy

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@michelle Any inputs why Grant button is not shown/visible? If I allocate leaves manually, it shows the entire allocated leaves instead of showing only earned leaves (pro-rated). I believe, this will work only with Grant and not manual allocation. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Which version are you using? If you are using v13, check “Leave Policy Assignment” doctype. Grant button will be visible there.

Hello Michelle
I m still facing same issue, Auto monthly leave balance allocation is not working

Hi @Noor_khan, could you please elaborate on your issue? Also post screenshot so we have better context of the issue at hand.

Kindly Check out below link

When you allocate earned leaves, it will show you 0. The leaves get allocated at the end of the month. You should have 1.5 leaves allocated at the end of Jan. Could you try creating a new leave application for maybe feb and check balance for “Casual Leaves”?

Yes I have tried the same thing, but still same issue

Could you please create a new leave application and send the screenshot of the leave balance?

Thanks @michelle I am using v13.x.x-develop. I will try doing that. There is no documentation available for that hence I believe I missed this.

@michelle Thanks a lot for the suggestion. I tried Leave Policy Assignment method but it did not allocate the earned / pro rated leaves. It is 1.5 leaves per month (18 per year). It only carried forward the previous year’s manual allocated leaves but did not calculate for monthly earned leaves.

  1. Leave Type - Earned Leave (we call it Earned Leave, it’s Privilege leave in ERPNExt) - 18 per year = 1.5 leaves per month
  2. Manual leave allocation for year 2020 has 15 leaves to be carried forward.
  3. Leave allocated via Grant Button from Leave Policy Allocation only showed previous year leaves but for this year, it is still 0, it should be 1.5 (Jan month has ended) so it should be 16.5 leaves in the Leave balance. However it is only showing 15 leaves.
    Attaching the screenshots. Please advise.

Could you please create a new Leave Application and send me a screenshot of that page?

@michelle Sure. Here is the screenshot with Leave Application showing leave balance. Kindly let me know.

@michelle Requesting you to please advise on this issue. I am holding up all leave approvals due to this.

@michelle I tried removing all leave entities including leave types, then added again one by one, with leave period, leave policy, etc and tried leave policy assignment but still it came as empty.

This is the same behavior in ERPNext: v12.16.2 (version-12) which I am running locally. For this version, Grant leaves is in Leave Period rather than Leave Policy Allocation. Leave period is 01-01-2021 to 31-12-2021. In v12, Leave policy as to be attached to Employee and then grant leaves to be clicked.


Sorry @michelle for small screenshots. Attaching again with better clarity. Kindly advise.

Hi @harishalwar, unable to figure out what the issue could be. I’ll still try to replicate this once again and let you know if I find something.

For me, I understand that Earned Leave will start counting after Allocation. But what about the previous counting, (30days for 1 year = 2.5) like:
my Leave period starts on Jan 21 and ends on December 21. so now as it is mid of February, when I want to Allocate, don’t you think it should count the first month January Automatically? instead of 0 now, I may see 2.5 already added as I’ve passed January already.

@michelle Sure please. :slightly_smiling_face:
Any inputs will greatly help. Manual allocation is getting little cumbersome to manage. :pray: