Leave opening balance & monthly earned leave

I need to allocate leave opening balances for a new HR implementation and going forward each employee to earn certain amount of leave. E.g.

Employee 1: Opening annual leave: 10.5 on July 1
from there earn 1.5 days per month going forward

I’ve created leave type annual leave and enabled is_earned leave (monthly), leave policy of 18 days.

How do I do the allocation for the above scenario.



For the leave till now (opening leaves), create a leave allocation directly (manually). For the other leaves, ie. leaves from July 1 onwards, you can create a leave policy and add then via “Grant Leaves” in Leave Period, allocate the leaves. The new leaves will be allocated at the end of every month.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you. I’ll try that.

For the manual leave allocation, date range is July 1 - December 31, correct?

No, manual allocation is till July (i.e. the opening balance).

July 1 to December 1 can be your leave period. Automatic allocation will work from July to December.

However, you might want to consider automatic allocation from August instead of July.

When I do manual allocation until July 28 (say 10.5 days), leave balance report is shown as:

Opening balance:10.5
Leaves allocated: 0
Leaves taken: 10.5 ???
Leave balance: 0

Could you please share a screenshot of the leave allocation and the leave balance report?

If no leave application exists, then leaves taken should show 0.

Please see schreenshots below:

Leave Allocation:

Leave balance report:

There are no leave applications in the system:

I tried replicating this in my test account (v12.10.1 (version-12)). It showed opening leaves as 10.5 and leaves taken as 0.

Could you let us know the ERPNext version?

Version 13

It seems to be a V13 bug. I tested on my demo v12 instance and this problem doesn’t come up.

Thanks for this. Where can I log the bug so it can get addressed.



It worked fine in my v13.0.0-beta.4 (version-13-beta) test instance.

I created an employee, created a leave type called “Annual Leaves” (earned leave) and next created a leave allocation manually and allocated 10.5 leaves from 1 Jan 2020 to 27 July 2020 to the employee.

Okay, but I see that the leaves are now expired. Why is that

That is because the to date is of 2021. If I out the filter of the date as 1 Jan 2020 to 27 July 2020, then this is how the report looks.

Okay, how would you set this up such that they don’t expire on 27 July, i.e. still available in future periods?

Hi Michelle,

I managed to setup everything and I get this as well. I don’t need the leave to expire at the end of July. I’ve enabled “carry forward”, maximum carry forward days 40 and expire after 365 days, but I still get all manually allocated days expiring at the end of July 2020.

Please help.

is this bug fixed ?

can you help me out for leave allocation ?

Try changing the maximum leaves allowed in Leave type. That is how i fixed the issue

I am using V13.x.x.x version of ERPNext. I am newly introducing ERP for all my employees so I want to carry forward previous leaves (leave type is Earned Leave). I manually allocated un used leaves for the year 01-01-2020 - 31-12-2020 (last year) and for this year added leave policy. However I am still not able to carry forward the leaves to this year. I even set the expire carry forward leaves to 365 days. But still no luck. Can ERPNExt experts suggest?
Leave Balance -

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