Leave Over allocation

Allow over allocation flag is not working.
it doesn’t allow me to allocate additional leaves. i want to allocate additional leaves to particular employee.
i marked this leave type as ‘Is Compensatory’
so when i tried to submit ‘Compensatory leave request’ it throws error that i can’t allocate more then 18 leaves for this
and i cant change ‘Maximum Leave Allocation Allowed’ number because i enabled earned leave for particular leave.

Note: I don’t want to create new leave type for CL for easy management of leave balance and leave application.

When have you updated the Leave setup before assigning to employee or after assigning to employee. If any update the setup later on you need to reassign to the employees.

I have above configuration before allocation
and now i enabled over allocation because im adding leave balance to PL through CLR. and its total allocation is more then max leave allocation allowed.

so now its shows error when trying to submit CLR rather i enabled over allocation