Leave Period Filter Error

Good Day,

I am Using the Latest Version 11 of ERPNext, and I am using multiple Companies.
In HR Module, I noticed a few bugs concerning the Filtration of Leave Period.

When I try to create the Leaves structure to multiple Employees at once through the Leave Period. I created the Leave Policy, then added it to multiple Employees. After that, I created a Leave Period, then clicked on “Grant Leaves”, this quick entry message appeared:

When I don’t need to fill any of the Filters, and I click on “Grant” right away, nothing happens.
However, when I fill at least one of the Filter Docfields, then click on “Grant”, it works well.
Moreover, I want to add more Filter Docfields in the Filter Quick entry message, Such as, Branch - Nationality - Leave Policy. Is it possible??
Please help me with this Issue in any way possible.
Thank You