Leave Periods across years not appreciating annual Leave Policy

Our Leave Period is Dec 27 - Nov 30
(no leaves in December before Christmas)

Leave Policy has annual allocation of 30 days:

However: Although marked “Annual”, leaves between Dec 27 - 31 are deducted from the following year’s allocation.

Must leave periods be defined within a calendar year?

Leave period starts from Dec 27 and ends in Nov 30 the following year right?
Then obviously leaves between Dec 27-31 will be accounted in the new leave period.

A possible work around would be to define the leave period for the whole year (Jan 1 to Dec 31), then ask the HR to reject the leave applications between Dec 1 to Dec 26.

Thanks Void_Moon! That does fix it.

The other option is to just set leave periods according to the calendar year and use block lists (makes it more straight forward, too).


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