Leave policy Assignment not working properly in version-13. Leaves are not allocated as per the assigned leave policy

I have recently installed version-13 and I am facing some issues related to leave policy assignment.

I have created leave types, Earned leave, casual leave, optional leave. Then added a Leave policy which consists of these three leave types and no. of allocations for each leave type. Earned leaves are 30 days per annum, casual leaves are 12 days per annum and optional leaves should be 2 leaves per annum according to the leave policy which i have added. Now the problem occurs when i use leave policy assignment and assign a particular employee with this leave policy. Leave allocations get created automatically as soon as i create the leave policy assignment for that employee. But the no. of leaves allocated to the employee are not according to the leave policy. That is in the leave allocations, 16 earned leaves are allocated , 10 casual leaves and 2 optional leaves are allocated. Whereas 30 earned leaves and 12 casual leaves should have been allocated.

I want to know if I am making any mistake in the procedure i followed or whether someone can help me know the reason of this behaviour of leave policy assignment feature in the version-13.
Thank you.


Did you find a solution to this?

I’m facing a similar issue.

I created a Leave Period from 1-1-2021 to 31-12-2021…then created a Leave Policy for Earned Leave 15 annually, Casual Leave 7 annually, and Medical Leave 10 annually.

then created a Leave Policy Assignment for this Leave Period and Policy for 1 employee.

The employee for allocated 150 Earned Leaves, 70 Casual, and 10 Medical leaves.

Read their docs page to page to figure out where I went wrong!!!

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