Leave purchase invoice item expense account empty if not defined for item

I’m using item codes to define VAT calculation for different types of purchased services which have nothing to do with stock valuation.

Although there is no default expense account set for these item codes, when the purchase invoice item is being input it populates the expense account with the default account for COGS for the company.

How can I disable this and simply leave the expense account field empty if it is not defined for the item?


Default Expense Account and Cost Center can be define in the Company master. Please review your Company master once.

Also check if Expense Account and Cost Center is updated in the Item master. If yes, those fields should be reset as well.

In you are creating POS invoice, POS Profile could be source for values updated in these fields.

Thanks, Umair. Your note helped me understand what is the ERPNext logic about this, so I simply removed the default account for COGS at company level and now I have what I need - the account is taken from item master only and left blank if not defined there. For some reason I thought you had to define default COGS account at company level… Solved.