Leave Salary - Earned Leave is not getting allocated each month based on Frequency selected

We have created the Privilege Leave Leave with Earned Leave as Marked

The Employee let say has joined from 24.12.2021 and hence I allocated manual Leave through Leave Allocation Window

When we check the Leave Balance Summary, it is still showing zero. How this will get added in the Leaves, Even I checked the Background Jobs but nothing is still showing

What is the mechanism to account the Opening Balances for the Leaves in case if I want to start adding the Leaves from 1.1.2022 for an employee , There is no documentation provided clearly in the ERPNext for taking the Leaves Opening Balances

Respected Folks, Can anyone have pointer on this or can help on this

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I have been looking for this as well. Let me see if I can find something. I will do some tests.

is anyone get this answer?

I have a same issue. any have a idea please share with me