Leave Type - Max Leave Allocation... is this Days or Hours?

Leave Type - Max Leave Allocation… is this in Days or Hours?

The documentation does not say what the Unit of this fields is supposed to be.

Anyone know? If it’s days (like most of the other fields), then people can’t take a partial day off.

Also, our company has 12 hour days, not 8 hours like most other companies.

Can someone confirm?

I assume you mean Max Leaves Allowed field in Leave Type, it is days.

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Thanks… yes, “Maximum Leave Allocation Allowed”. Thank you for clarifying the UOM.

Related: I see now that the Leave Application record does allow half days of leave. It’s quite limiting that the UOM is not in hours, nor allow fractions of an hour. Our employees work 12 hours days and may want to take a fraction of a day off as vacation. Can this be configured in ERPNext?

You can customize it according to your needs using server scripts or client scripts.

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