Leave without pay, the day before and after a holiday, does employee paid for holiday?

I want to know more about Salary Structure of ERPNext, does this ERP fulfills need of extensive deductions for payroll management. Generally, There is mechanism followed for Salary Deductions, like if the day before and after a holiday, If leave is taken by the employee. So, Holiday Payment loss occurs to the employee.

For example: If Employee takes leave on Saturday and Monday. Usually, Sunday is week-off & Salary has been paid for Sunday/Holiday. But, due to leave taken on Saturday & Monday respectively. Hence, Sunday also counted as Leave and hence, LOP/LWP(Loss of Payment) occurs.

There is no documentation for this, not a question raised. So, it’s possible with ERPNext or not? If Yes, How to? Does it need customization or inbuilt feature?

Hello Awesome Guys,

Can you please help over this concern? How do you manage it your organization? Just some tests, and decide to implement it at my office.

You can configure it in Leave Type master. Both the options are possible.