Legal Agreement

Is there someone who already started creating there own legal agreement in erpnext? I would like to have an ideas to start creating this related task for my project. Thanks!
This discussion is related to this topic: New DocType: Legal Agreement · Issue #8190 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Could you please explain little more on what legal agreements you referring? We have 2 lawyers in team and could be used for some contribution.

ok that would be great.
here’s a brief explanation of my project:
Online agreements
1.Support for online agreements (contracts) per supplier or client (vendor, contact party):
1.1.Accepting and signing (support external services like DocuSign, support signing with certificates)
1.2.Accepting and signing updates (keep history of changes)
1.3.Accepting and signing renewals (keep history of changes)
2.Support for agreement addendum per event (and ticket type, these are products and product variants)
3.Support for commission per event and ticket type (and other product types) in agreement
Agreements are of different types. There are agreements with suppliers and agreements with clients. Agreements contain placeholders that need to be replaced with data from the related doctypes, like supplier’s data, and also variables that can be part of new related doctype for this purpose or that are part of the agreement doctype. A template should exist for each agreement. This template is parsed, replacing placeholders/variables, and used as basis for the final agreement. The generated agreement can be changed and fixed until it is declared as final, at which point it is no longer editable.

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Some of these requirements are very specific to our business. And some points like 1.2 and 1.3 are advanced and will not be prioritized.
We will start for now implementing the requirements expressed in this thread: New DocType: Legal Agreement · Issue #8190 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub
At this initial stage we would like to get help from experienced consultants for the initial data model, any other technical guidance that can benefit everyone when creating a new module in ERPNext.

Bumping this up in case anyone has made progress on it. It would be nice to be able to implement some form of user agreement which potential users, whether customers, suppliers or employees must accept or decline before they have access to the system. So if anyone has succeeded in doing this I would be happy if they can share.