Let us improve the Documentation

I’m on a long mission to improve the documentation for ERPNext, Frappe and Bench. So far I’ve laid down a general To-do list for improvements in Github issues :

And I’ve made two documents recently that I believe will help people :

What I need from the community is simple. Help and feedback!
I want to know where you’ve faced troubles, and where you think we can improve our documentation.
Review my issues above and tell me what I can add to them.
If you feel you can contribute to the documentation, please do :slight_smile:

Valmik J


@vjFaLk most of new users are used to use centos, so no one is really sure about ubuntu and all try to install on centos for first…

the main issue as i see in every new user is:

  • nginx configurations.
  • multi company and multi site differences are not stated in the wiki or the documentations.
  • almost all new users (and some old) have problem with wkhtmltopdf plugin on first install and there is no actual installation guide on erpnext or the official website of the plugin.
  • local translation and in house modifications not really explained.

these are from my point of view the most repeated subjects to the daily topics on the community site.

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@vjFaLk How do I contribute to Documentation or Tutorials? I am tinkering with print formats and would like to share my experiences on customising forms.

@wdg The entire documentation is right inside the repository

You can make changes in your fork and send a Pull Request.

Take a look at the “Viewing Locally” section on Generating Documentation

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@vjFaLk wanted to add something to your bench reference guide but a little github problem prevents that.

After I fork your bench repository the wiki of my fork is empty. As if the wiki was not an actual part of the repo in git logic

@vrms It’s a public Wiki, you can edit mine :slight_smile:

@vjFaLk ok, added some small things

Do you have any ambition to evolve this into man page (so you get all that help by typing “man bench” in the command line)?

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we are happy to hear that,you have to make some documentation on installation ,how to manage payment,how to manage payroll and how the branch management system works…on my view all other processes are covered in the previous documentations!


I think installation is already quite well covered here

One of my pet peeves about erpnext documentation is about 60% of the time interesting google search results of docs end up in 404 of something that used to be there in github :frowning:

That’s really good idea and necessary, especially new users like me :slight_smile:

My suggestion for document improvement is Backup and Restore on single and multi tenant.


added 2 commands …

bench remove-from-installed-apps [app-name]
bench uninstall-app [app-name] 

… to the Development section. But I do not 100% know what they precisely do under the hood. Can you (or anybody else) kindly add the explanation?

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Thanks to everyone for the inputs, I’ll be considering everything and making improvements.

@vrms I’ve added explanations for those commands to the Wiki

a thought about bench.

bench has no manpage yet, but some help can be found when using the bench --help command.
the content if it must be somewhere in the bench repository on github GitHub - frappe/bench: CLI to manage Multi-tenant deployments for Frappe apps I assume. So, if one wanted to add content to the output of a bench --help that’s the place you’d need to work on.

I couldn’t really find it though. Can somebody point me at the right direction?

… what would you @vjFaLk think about an idea to move the content of your Quick Reference Guide for Bench direcly into the bench --help.
By doing so, and therfore only having to maintain it once, the info would be available online in the github repo AND at the same time in the command line

Anyway the link “tutorial” up there in this forum is broken. Maybe can start fixing all the doc links so it won’t be that confusing.

they actually moved the documentations last week i think, so the old links wasnt forwarded because its too much work…

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Thanks for pointing it out, it’s fixed now.

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Hi everyone,

The images in here are broken

any help? thanks.

Looks like the images have to be created from scratch, I can’t find them.
This is the page to edit: https://github.com/frappe/frappe/blob/develop/frappe/docs/user/en/tutorial/web-views.md