Lets-encrypt on muti-tenant system with sub-domains

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I have successfully deployed a V13.20.1 multi tenant system where I have one domain-

and assigned subdomains to it–

I followed the above example -
bench new-site order1.site
bench --site order1.site install-app erpnext
bench setup add-domain --site order1.site order1.mydomain.com

bench setup nginx
bench setup reload-nginx

My aim is 3 sites on one server=

I am unsure how to proceed with lets-encrypt-
I have done lets-encrypt on a single server but am unsure now

Do I apply the lets-encrypt procedure to -


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We issue SSL for each site.

You can issue a per site lets encrypt so SSL certificates must be issued to each and every subdomain: order1.mydomain.comorderN.mydomain.com

You can also issue a wildcard SSL certificates which allows all subdomains to be recognized using only one certificate for *.mydomain.com.

To have a wildcard SSL certificate, you must have access to your DNS nameserver because lets-encrypt will give you a code you must place in that DNS nameserver as a cname entry. When lets-encrypt sees that you were able to place that entry to the nameserver, it is confident that you own the domain name, and will issue you a wildcard certificate for the entire domain, mydomain.

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Good day

Thank you very much @TurkerTunali and @Joseph_Marie_Alba1 for your input and
explanation and for clarifying the wildcard option. Yes i do have access to my DNS
nameserver so that is an option.

Let me get to work on this.

Hope you all have a great day.