Lets make a Zapier integration!


I have decided to try to create a Zapier integration for ERPNext, but I feel like I’m stuck before I’ve gotten started. Anyone want to collaborate with me and try to figure this thing out? I’d like for this to be added to ERPNext, it should be a valuable resource, but I’m finding the way APIs work to be confusing.

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Start by defining a use-case first!


would work together with you to see if we can make zapier do

-invoice (trigger erpnext to send out the email)
-receipt (trrigger erpnext to send out the email)

get me at skypeid: hanselke

You can use the “Email Alert” feature to do this presently.


the idea is to create the invoice via zapier in the first place.

mostly because ecom is not usable. need a way of getting charge info from paypal/stripe

I’m not a developer so can’t help with any coding but having looked at Zapier I can see its an ERPNext adaptor would be a very useful item to have.

I need to export customer details from ERPNext and a zapier adaptor would be quite helpful to me.

If you need help with testing I will be happy to help

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what are you looking to export customer details to?

Looking for a Erpnext to Quickbooks connector


This is fantastic! Due to the nature of my business I am forced to use WHMCS and wanted an integration with that so I am not duplicating work.

Would also be useful to have WordPress integration too which Zapier offers as a lot of people including ourselves use WordPress websites.

Not as needed but useful integrations would also be mailchimp and Office 365 which are also on Zapier

@cpurbaugh Hello how far have you gone through?

Me and @Not_a_countant is building it too

so far we are getting authentication error


Are you guys close to a Zapier integration?

I think a team is currently working on it. There’s a separate thread at : Zapier integration with ERPNext - #31 by johnskywalker and the last reply was at 13 days ago.